Prof. Ripu Ranjan Sinha – President & Organizing Chairman
Abdul ‘Dewale Mohammed, Founder and Group Executive President,Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON)
Ashish Chandra Swami – Secretary General, Asia Africa Development Council (AADC)
Mr. Sanjay Mohapatra, President Computer Society of India
Prof. Deepak Jain – General Secretory- Innovation society Delhi
Prof. Ashutosh Sharma– Treasurer – Innovation society Delhi
Mrs Tripti – World Academy of Informatics and Management Science
Mr.Luzindana Adam Buyinza – Team Leader/CEO– Public Opinions Uganda

Professor Aftab Anwar Sheikh-National Convener Asia Arab Africa ICT Summit,Expo & Award
Professor Haresh Tank – Founder Director-innovation Society India
Doha Tahri J. Hassani,  Director, Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON)
Mrs Nafisa yasmen-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Dr. Manish kumar saini-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Mr Rahul Ranjan Roy-Editorial Member -Daily Post
Dr. Balwinder Raj-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Dr. Badiudin Ahamad-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Dr.Anwar sheikh-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Dr. Nityanand Nayer-Founder Director-innovation Society India

Prof. A. K Khare– Chancellor-IEC University Lucknow
Prof C. S Lamba-Professor Manipal University Jaipur
Prof. A K Nayak – Hon Secretary Computer Society of India
Prof. Dr. Alexander Gelbukh,Center for Computing Research, CIC, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico
Prof. Yudong Zhang,Ph.D. Professor, School of Comp. Science and Tech.,Nanjing Normal University China
Prof K.B. Sharma – S.S Jain Subodh PG (Autonomous) College Jaipur
Dr. Salvatore Moccia, Ph.D in Management,Catholic University of Valencia
Dr. Sandip Patel,Information Science and Systems,Graves School of Business,Morgan State University
Xiao-Zhi Gao,Docent, Alto University,Electrical Engineering,Finland
Dr. Sedat Akleylek, Ondokuz Mayis Univer. TK
Prof. Neeraj Bhargava, MDS University Ajmer
Oliver Chazoule,Director Stitico, New York,Institute for Buisness & Finance,USA
Dr. Justin Varghese,King Khalid Univ.,KSA